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Opera 9.6 Browser

Opera 9.6 sings to a different tune, and it sounds great. This browser has all of the entertaining and practical features that will not only make surfing the web functional, but also fun.

Just a few of the outstanding features include interactive voice, quick find, thumbnail previews, mouse gestures and customizing skins. This is one of the only browsers that has interactive voice commands. You can navigate the web by talking to the browser, and Opera will even read text to you.

Configure Opera to fit your needs and your style. Arrange panels, toolbars and buttons and choose from several unique skins and various widgets.

Opera has a dedicated user-base and reasonably so with all of its innovative features. However, we couldn't overlook some fairly serious compatibility issues. We look forward to Opera becoming a bigger household name and getting better compatibility web-wide.

Features Set:   

Opera offers a combination of features unlike any other Internet browser that will allow you to experience the web a new way. For example, through voice commands you can navigate the web and even have Opera read the text to you. We were skeptical, but the feature works great. The browser offers tabbed browsing, complete with the ability to save tabs and even undelete them. Opera also boasts the ability to surf the web utilizing mouse gestures.

Other convenient browsing features include an integrated search function, quick find, and customizable toolbars. Furthermore, you can cascade or tile web pages to view and work on more than one page at a time. You can use Opera Link to sync bookmarks and Speed Dials with your mobile phone.

Through Opera, you are able to customize your web experience. They offer a large database of skins so you can change the appearance of your browser. Choose from hundreds of widgets to make your web experience more enjoyable. Widgets are small programs like games, news, tools and more.

Another standout feature is thumbnails that appear as you mouse over a tab, so you can visually jog your memory without going to the site. One thing Opera is missing is parental controls.

Ease of Use:   

The browser is user–friendly and because it is so customizable, it will adapt to you-not the other way around. All of the buttons are well labeled so you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for, even the first time you use the browser. Opera is fairly intuitive and simple to learn and use.

Opera allows you to customize your security settings. This browser protects against pop–ups, spyware, viruses and phishing schemes. You can also clear all of your personal information with just a click.
Speed & Compatibility:   

Opera claims to be the fastest browser on earth and on most accounts it delivers. Opera is fast at startup, fast at loading, and fast at running applications. However, Opera has had struggles with compatibility with some websites since it isn't as well known as Internet Explorer or Firefo


Added: March 1st 2010
Reviewer: NB
Score: 9  
Related Link: Faster & safer internet
Hits: 979
Language: english


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