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How to Completely Erase Your Hard Drives, SSDs and Thumb Drives

With stories abounding of identity theft aided by information lifted from discarded storage devices, you want devices you no longer plan to use to have no usable information when they head out the door. Here's how to wipe them clean

How to Completely Erase Your Hard Drives, SSDs and Thumb Drives

Posted by NB on Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 18:51:04 UTC (2007 reads)
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Bootable TotalRecovery USB Key can Start Dead Rigs like Magic

Farstone Technology has released a new backup toolfor PC recovery that is bound to make a lot of PC techs and system administrators very happy. This bootable USB key runs a Win-PE system that mounts any attached drives or network resources in a matter of minutes, allowing for restore or backup on even the most fatally compromised systems. Because the entire OS and software are contained on the USB drive, there's no reliance on any of the original system's data or operating system.

Once booted and connected to network or connected resources, USB or other, Farstone's TotalRecovery software is ready to get down to business backing up or restoring your data. A drive can be cloned out to a target or burned to CD or DVD with built in burning software. The entire Win-PE environment is configured to make disaster recovery or cloning a breeze. In the case of catastrophic failure or decommissioning, they also included data wiping software to multi-overwrite data to DoD data destruction standards. Perfect for sanitizing systems before selling on eBay or donating. MSRP should be available as soon as their resellers stock up

Posted by NB on Monday, March 22, 2010 @ 13:52:33 UTC (1954 reads)
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Why new hard disks might not be much fun for XP users

A major change in the way that hard disks allocate space will pose serious problems for users of the world's most popular OS: Windows XP. Continue reading »

Posted by NB on Thursday, March 11, 2010 @ 09:27:09 UTC (2220 reads)
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People Do Not Need High-Performance Graphics

A highly-ranking executive of Intel Corp. said in an interview that the vast majority of customers hardly need high performance graphics. While  it is clear that by far not everyone plays video games, the claim still reminds the phrase about 640 kilobytes of RAM being enough for everyone.

“When people think about graphics, they think about 3D war games and more realism. I'm not going to dismiss this, but (this market) attracts a relatively small amount of people. I think what a significant portion of consumers really want is media,” said Intel executive vice president Dadi Perlmutter, in an interview with Cnet News.com web-site.

The media is really what the vast majority of consumers want and need. They need decoding of highly-demanding Blu-ray (MPEG4-AVC, MPEG4-MVC, VC1) streams along with advanced playback of Adobe Flash 10.1 video, which is something Intel’s  integrated graphics cannot provide. The biggest chipmaker admits that its chips do not offer certain multimedia functionality, however Intel does not seem to consider it a major drawback.

“To be fair, in the past few years, other than this year, AMD with ATI had a better integrated graphics solution than Intel,” said Mr. Perlmutter.

One man said around thirty years ago that 640KB or random access memory would be enough for everyone. Today, even 4GB of RAM may not be enough, but Bill Gates is the richest man on the planet.

Posted by NB on Tuesday, March 09, 2010 @ 02:43:25 UTC (2040 reads)
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NVIDIA 196.75 drivers can kill your graphics card

reports in from NVIDIA users that the latest 196.75 drivers can cause severe cooling problems, even possibly resulting in the death of the hardware.

The problem seems to be related to the fan controller, causing the fans to slow down, and even stop. This happening while the card is in use is a very bad thing indeed, and can cause poor performance (as the GPU tries to cool itself down by reducing power) and possibly even overheat your GPU to the point where the card stops working.

NVIDIA 196.75 drivers were released on March 2nd, and have now been removed from the download site. If you are running these drivers it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you uninstall this driver and immediately downgrade to the 196.21 drivers.

Here’s the official statement from NVIDIA:

We are aware that some customers have reported fan speed issues with the latest 196.75 WHQL drivers on NVIDIA.com. Until we can verify and root cause this issue, we recommend that customers stay with, or return to 196.21 WHQL drivers. Release 196.75 drivers have been temporarily removed from our Web site in the meantime.

If in the past few days you’re upgraded your NVIDIA drivers and your PC has since died (and you’re somehow reading this …) then this could be the cause of your problems. I’ve already received several reports from gaming enthusiasts who claim that their systems died shortly after installing these drivers, which while not conclusive, is certainly enough indication to me that these drivers could be very toxic and should be avoided.

Posted by NB on Friday, March 05, 2010 @ 22:53:41 UTC (1933 reads)
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Page 1 of 5 (22 total stories) [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | > | >> ]  

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