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Date: Saturday, March 06, 2010 @ 01:12:44 UTC
Topic: Digital Music

Universal Music Group Loses Legal Battle With Dancing Baby

Even though Universal Music Group (UMG) has annouced an 8.4% increase in its digital music sales this week, this financial achievement has been somewhat eclipsed by news in the blogsphere that it has been defeated by a dancing... Read more

 Protect Your Original CDs

If you still enjoy using audio CDs and want to protect your collection of originals from damage (scratches etc.), then creating backup copies is a good solution. This short CD copying tutorial shows you how to use the free CDBurnerXP program to quickly duplicate a music CD. Read more

Free Music  Pretty Lights Offer Free EPs

Colorado-based Pretty Lights (aka Derek Vincent Smith), has announced a trilogy of EPs due for release in 2010. The first album, Making Up a Changing Mind, is already available (released March 2) and can be downloaded from the official Website. Even though Pretty Lights' albums can be downloaded for free... Read more

Digital Music Formats
Are you confused about all the different music formats out there? Find out what the differences are, their strengths and weaknesses and how it will influence your decision when downloading music from the Internet.

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