CardScan Personal
Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 @ 15:18:07 UTC
Topic: Electronic Gadgets

CardScan Personal,  found it to be a very great timesaver.

Of course, this wasn’t a simple plug and play feature like the Adesso Browser Cat. No, I knew from the get-go that there would be some lengthy software downloads, and there was. Eventually, it gave the order for me to hook it up to my computer via USB.

When it asked for the first scan, I simply grabbed one of my many business cards at random. It scanned it in seconds, and I had my contact information in digital form.

Granted, it wasn’t perfect, as it read the company’s partnership name as the company itself. I figured that it might screw up on something like that, but it is easy to double-check and make corrections.

The hardest part of all was figuring out how to sync the Card reader contacts with Outlook. It turned out that it wasn’t all that difficult.

If you’ve got a similar problem with your business cards piling up, then I would suggest the low cost alternative of the CardScan Personal, another fine DYMO product that you can purchase here.

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