73 87 chevy and Gmc Section Crossmember
Date: Friday, July 25, 2014 @ 15:01:33 UTC
Topic: 73 87 Squarebody


One of the biggest hurdles in lowering a third gen Chevy C10 is the massive front crossmember. It hangs low, it’s bulky, and it’s ugly. Short story shorter, it’s in the way. So why not get rid of it? Well, that might be a lot of work, except for one thing: the entire front suspension clip bolts to the chassis! Less than twenty bolts need to be removed before the entire kit and caboodle can be lambasted to the back forty. But what to replace it with?There are several kits out there you can buy that will cost you an arm and sometimes a leg.  Jason Kingsbury from Kingsbury Customz of New Hampshire has come up with an economical way to do this by sectioning your original crossmember and cupping your lower control arms. For more information on this, please visit

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