Set Chrome, IE and Firefox to Open in Full Screen Mode by Default
Date: Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 07:06:28 UTC
Topic: Browser War

A lot of users are having problem with their Chrome, Internet Explorer  (IE) and Firefox browsers when it comes to opening them in full screen mode, or having them in full screen mode by default. On the other hand, some users find difficult to exist and get out from full screen or just think that such a mode is not working properly. This article will explain in plain words how to set, get out, open and close full screen mode in all major browsers.

Google Chrome
 1.In Chrome you can get access to the full screen by pressing F11 keyboard. If you want to open your Chrome in full screen every time you open the browser, you need to turn on Kiosk Mode in Chrome.
 2.Right click the Chrome icon on your screen.
 3.From the Menu, click the Properties  option.
 4.Click the Shortcut tab.
 5.In the target field add –kiosk at the end of C:UsersuserAppDataLocal GoogleChromeApplication chrome.exe
 6.Click OK.
Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE)
 1.Open Internet Explorer or Firefox.
 2.Press F11 to have them in full screen Mode.
 3.Now, Close and re-open the browsers. They should come up on full screen mode, by default.
 4.To disable it, just press F11 again.

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