Facebook Exposes Hoax Hysteria
Date: Friday, May 21, 2010 @ 04:45:39 UTC
Topic: Facebook

Ongoing concerns over Facebook privacy have encouraged many users to delete their Facebook account. One recent example, the Facebook search API exposes a lot of messages folks might have thought were private correspondence between Facebook friends. The Openbook service underscores the problem by letting you search for that exposed information.

Looking at some of these wall messages, it's apparent that the Postcard From Hallmark hoax is alive and well among Facebook users. But thanks to Facebook (and Openbook) you also get to see the profile pic of the person who fell for the hoax and blasted a missive out to all their friends.

Note to Facebook users: the Postcard from Hallmark warning is a hoax. The Postcard from Hallmark hoax includes a link to a Snopes article which - if you don't scroll down to the very bottom of their article - makes it appear that the warning is legitimate. It isn't. It is 100% pure hoax. The only real thing behind the Postcard from Hallmark hoax is that if you post the warning to your Facebook wall you'll end up looking rather foolish, potentially to the whole world thanks to Facebook's lack of privacy.

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