Top 10 Reasons To Quit Facebook
Date: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 @ 17:44:54 UTC
Topic: Social Networking

F**** Facebook! More and more, fed up with ever-disintegrating privacy policies, are saying just that, even going so far as to kill their Facebook accounts. Gizmodo has "Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook," among them, one-sided terms of service, a "war on privacy," the sharing of private data with applications, but perhaps best of fall, "Facebook is not technically competent enough to be trusted":

Even if we weren't talking about ethical issues here, I can't trust Facebook's technical competence to make sure my data isn't hijacked. For example, their recent introduction of their "Like" button makes it rather easy for spammers to gain access to my feed and spam my social network. Or how about this gem for harvesting profile data? These are just the latest of a series of Keystone Kops mistakes, such as accidentally making users' profiles completely public, or the cross-site scripting hole that took them over two weeks to fix. They either don't care too much about your privacy or don't really have very good engineers, or perhaps both.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook [Gizmodo]

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