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Date: Monday, April 19, 2010 @ 20:22:17 UTC
Topic: Electronic Gadgets

Google Tablet Gets Closer to Reality

While Apple enjoys the successful launch of its iPad, Google has been "secretly" testing its own oft-rumored tablet Read more

A Nook, A Nut and Two Streakers

Barnes & Noble's Nook eReader finds a second home, Dell sees double with its Streak slate tablet, and an iPad fan in Switzerland finds out what happens when you accuse Steve Jobs of lying
Read more

Spring Design's Alex Reader Now Shipping

Spring Design managed to stick the landing on its shipping date this time, with the first shipments of its Alex eReader making the April deadline  Read more

Review: V-MODA Remix Remote is All About Control

Just because you're horrible at multitasking doesn't mean your headphones have to be as well. V-MODA just released its new Remix Remote earphones, which throws in a mic and built-in remote.  Read more

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