Microsoft Kin: Hands-on video and first take on 'social phone'
Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 @ 02:24:05 UTC
Topic: Social Networking

Microsoft's new "Kin" mobile phones, and a demo from Microsoft mobile veteran John Starkweather, a member of the Kin team. In the video above, Starkweather demonstrates the Kin "Loop" home page, in addition to the built-in camera and Zune software.

One of the most interesting aspects isn't the device but the way it will synchronize content created on the phone to a free online service and make it available in a browser interface called the Kin Studio. It works like a "time machine," as Starkweather put it, giving users a timeline of their texts, call history, photos, videos and contacts. They'll literally be able to scroll back to see what was happening in any given month.

Cloud-based storage will be unlimited, and people will be able to go back and download their historical content if they decide to end their Kin service plan at some point in the future, the company said. The online service will work via Windows Live ID. Verizon, which will offer the Kin in the U.S. starting in May, isn't talking yet about the prices it's planning for the devices or related service plans

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