April Fools Pranks: Cublical Chaos, Blue Screens & More
Date: Thursday, April 01, 2010 @ 20:02:12 UTC
Topic: Tech Thoughts

Need some inspiration for this year’s April Fool’s joke?  We’ve got a superb collection of DIY pranks ready to be deployed.  First up, pictured above is a quick prank to make your co-workers thing you’ve filled their entire cubicle or office with packaging peanuts.  The trick? Tape a large piece of paper just behind the glass and fill the small gap to create the illusion.  You can use a similar technique for standard cubicles.  – Packaging Peanuts Prank

Top Geek Pranks:

  1. Fake Blue Screen of Death Device – Freak out your co-workers by creating random BSOD’s.  For an easier approach, you can also secretly install the BSOD screensaver!
  2. Screw with People Who Steal your WiFi – Learn how to invert every image on the users webpage!
  3. Quick and Dirty MS Word Prank – Simply modify some files so that Microsoft Word exits without saving each time the letter ‘e’ is pressed
  4. Ping Pong Ball Gun Attack – Hide a robot in the ceiling tiles and have it unload a barrage of ping pong balls on unsuspecting office workers.

All Via HacknMod

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