Sprint Nextel announces free 30-day trial contracts
Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2010 @ 21:28:29 UTC
Topic: Wireless Today

While most U.S. wireless carriers offer a 30-day grace period where users can return their new phone and cancel their service package without having to pay the exorbitant early termination fee, the subscriber who canceled his plan never really gets all his money back. There are activation fees, restocking fees, and fees for all the minutes/data used during that grace period.

Today, Sprint Nextel announced a new "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back" program which gives users the customary 30 day grace period, but if they decide to cancel their plan and return their phone, they get all their money back. Sprint refunds everything included in its plans, but will not reimburse users for services above and beyond that. For example, if they sent a bunch of text messages without a texting plan, or if they used services with third-party billing, Sprint won't reimburse that

The new plan goes into effect on April first, and includes both handsets and mobile broadband hardware.

This new plan gives customers a hassle-free incentive to try out Sprint's service in their area if there's a particular Sprint phone they might like, such as the upcoming EVO 4G.

...Of course, it also leaves the door open for people who want a free mobile broadband modem for their two-week vacation; so they can sign up and then return it when they get home for a full refund.

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