Bootable TotalRecovery USB Key can Start Dead Rigs like Magic
Date: Monday, March 22, 2010 @ 13:52:33 UTC
Topic: hardware

Farstone Technology has released a new backup toolfor PC recovery that is bound to make a lot of PC techs and system administrators very happy. This bootable USB key runs a Win-PE system that mounts any attached drives or network resources in a matter of minutes, allowing for restore or backup on even the most fatally compromised systems. Because the entire OS and software are contained on the USB drive, there's no reliance on any of the original system's data or operating system.

Once booted and connected to network or connected resources, USB or other, Farstone's TotalRecovery software is ready to get down to business backing up or restoring your data. A drive can be cloned out to a target or burned to CD or DVD with built in burning software. The entire Win-PE environment is configured to make disaster recovery or cloning a breeze. In the case of catastrophic failure or decommissioning, they also included data wiping software to multi-overwrite data to DoD data destruction standards. Perfect for sanitizing systems before selling on eBay or donating. MSRP should be available as soon as their resellers stock up

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