Free Music Downloads This Week
Date: Friday, March 19, 2010 @ 23:49:51 UTC
Topic: Digital Music


Have You Checked Your MP3 Library For Errors Lately?

Just like any file on your hard drive, digital music files can suffer damage. If you're lucky enough to have only suffered minor damage, then you may just hear the occasional pop or click while playing certain music files. However, if some of the MP3s on your hard drive are more corrupt, then... Read more

Nero Music2Go Review: A Software Tool for Nintendo DSi

Nero Music2Go is a simple software program specifically designed for getting your digital music onto the Nintendo DSi. The program also comes with a CD ripper which creates audio files in the right format for the Nintendo DSi. Find out more by reading our full review of Nero Music2GO. Read more

Free Music Downloads This Week

The artists/bands featured in our free music downloads spotlight this week are:

  • Hesta Prynn
  • MoneyPenny
  • Prophit
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