Google Public Data Explorer Visualizes Statistics
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2010 @ 04:14:06 UTC
Topic: search engine

Google Labs' experimental Public Data Explorer allows users to view and create charts based on public data such as mortality and fertility rates. While Google already incorporates such data from the World Bank and other sources into its search results, this new application draws on even more publicly available information. Bing, one of Google's main search competitors, uses the Wolfram Alpha computational engine to provide similar statistical results.

For example, a user who swings by the Website can select "Explore the Data," choose a data set such as "Unemployment in the U.S.," and then click on various options to see a visual state-by-state comparison of unemployment to the national average. A user could also create a colorful chart detailing life expectancy for various countries over the past few decades, and then embed that chart in a blog post.

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